Visual and textual content re-purposing
FOR(4) architecture, Design and virtual reality games

INNEN is part of V4Design, a Horizon2020 research program (2018-2020)

V4Design is called to exploit all the State-of-the-Art technological means so as to re-use and re-purpose existing heterogeneous multimedia content and inspire and support the design, architecture, as well as 3D and VR game industries.

Today, vast troves of visual and textual data, which are of great interest to architects and video game designers, such as paintings, archival footage, documentaries, movies, reviews or catalogues, and various other forms of artwork, are currently difficult to access and cannot be easily incorporated in the design process. Such works of art can serve as sources of inspiration and design direction towards innovative designs, new concepts, or period-focused structures, among others.

V4Design aims to enable the re-use and re-purpose of such multimedia content by proposing an innovative solution for its effective integration, so as to extract 3D representations and VR game environments. This will allow architects, designers and video game creators to re-use heterogeneous archives of already available and retrieved digital content and re-purpose it by making the wealth of 3D, VR, aesthetic and textual information easily accessible and providing resources and tools to design and model outdoors and indoors environments of architecture and VR video game projects. The V4Design multimodal content will be chosen so as not to infringe on any copyright issues, to be open for re-use and re-purpose. It can be provided after informed consent by project partners with the role of content provider or public domain data can be gathered from the web, under the condition that it is non-identifying and subject to licenses that allow its re-use and even the exploitation of its outcomes, such as Creative Commons US Public Domain licensing

– Visual analysis and 3D reconstruction
– Content extraction from textual and visual data
– Semantic knowledge representation and reasoning
– Text generation from semantic representations
– Combining geometric, semantic and textual information in dynamic 3D objects

V4Design Concept diagram

– Reuse/repurpose the vast troves of existing content.
– Improve the inspiration and design process.
– Assist architects, designers and video game creators to have a greater impact with their work

Use Cases
V4Design will validate the developed technologies through four use cases. The first two apply on architecture and design field, assisting architects, designers and artists to study various styles and support them to design and fabricate (a) large objects such as pavilions, land art, etc. and (b) novel collections of small scale industrial objects like furniture. The later two use cases focus on VR game design, supporting the reuse of existing video content to build (c) interactive media and VR games and (d) VR environments that will allow users to have a realistic and immersive experience.

Consortium Partners

11 partners, 8 countries

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779962