MindSpaces Academic Workshop

MindSpaces Workshop / Tecla Sala Barcelon

Application of MindSpaces technologies and artistic input for the speculation and experimentation on a setting of exterior use in the area in front of the cultural building of Tecla Sala and areas in proximity to it. The workshop is part of the training and evaluation procedure for MindSpaces Pilot Use Case 1 that concerns the modern city neighborhood of L’Hospitalet in Barcelona, Spain.


Within the MindSpaces framework artists in collaboration with the MindSpaces consortium aim at creating solutions that highlight the cultural significance of cities and sustainability issues they are facing, as well as paradigm-shifting designs of outdoors and indoors environments. 

For the realization of the MindSpaces vision artists, technology experts and end users are closely collaborating under a novel working model scheme. The workshop topic is concerning the modern city neighborhood of L’Hospitalet in Barcelona, Spain and aims to collaborate with architects and designers mainly from AUTH’s academic community to propose innovative designs that address societal challenges identified in the city. 

The main objective of MindSpaces is to develop novel art-driven design processes and technologies, which build upon artificial intelligence, multimodal data analysis and fusion algorithms and are augmented by data insights gathered through the collective social behavior and responses of occupants experiencing dynamic and adaptive environments.

Workshop Location
School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dates: 20th until 22nd October 2021
Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Requirements: Personal Laptop
Duration: 3 days classes (24 hours total)
Cost: Free
Applications due: Sunday 17 October 2021

Design theme: The urban space of a building of cultural significance and surrounding area (Tecla Scala, Barcelona)

The workshop encourages developments and design experimentations / approaches for a setting of exterior use in the area in front of the cultural building of Tecla Sala and areas in close proximity to it. More specifically, users will propose articulations of the aforementioned Lynch categories (paths, nodes, edges and landmarks) in various scales according to the design area. Innervations may include routes that direct visitors towards the building or from existing roads to user designed locations. Routes should have a maximum width of 2m and possibly incorporate equipment (i.e.gates/entrances, underground/overground passages, control points, info kiosks, shades, rest areas, lights, benches, fountains, bins, etc). Further appropriations of lighting, texture and any other special effects are welcome. Additionally, the building of Tecla Sala can be used for façade interventions or can be used as a base or inspiration for the design proposals. An elaborate 3D model of the intervention area, created by partner Up2metric, will be provided to the participants at the beginning of the workshop as well as point clouds and images of the surrounding areas.

After the completion of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme in the framework of STARTS initiative (Science, Technology & the Arts). STARTS supports collaborations between artists, scientists, engineers and researchers to develop more creative, inclusive, and sustainable technologies. Grant agreement No. 825079

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