Research Unit ‘INNEN – Innovative Environments’, is a research cluster conducting research projects and research-related academic and professional activities. It is responding to research, academic and educational needs for innovative approaches on architectural design, urban design, landscape design, environmental design and the design of experimental spatial arrangements in a broad array of scales.


Research Unit ‘INNEN – Innovative Environments’ is currently consisting of the following members:

  • Dr Anastasios Tellios
    Coordinator / Director, Αssociate Professor AUTH, Dip. Arch. AUTH, M.Arch (Dist.) Bartlett UCL, PhD AUTH
  • Dr Despoina Zavraka
    Assistant Professor IHU, Dip. Arch. Mackintosh GSA, MLA AUTH, PhD AUTH
  • Panagiota Koulali
    PhD Cand. AUTH, Dip. Arch. AUTH, MLA AUTH
  • Kalliopi Valsamidou
    AUTH, Dip. Arch. AUTH, MSc Arch AUTH, Researcher
  • Georgios Grigoriadis,
    Dip. Arch. AUTH, Researcher

Research Unit ‘INNEN – Innovative Environments’ is always open to meeting new collaborators, including academic staff, scientific and technical professionals, PhD Candidates and students (postgraduate and graduate), whose interests are related to the topics described.